A three-day roving celebration of writing, music, and visual arts. In the heart of the desert of southern Nevada, established and emerging artists, comedians, literary luminaries, and the Las Vegas arts community come together & divine a creative oasis. 


Over three days in late April, the Beverly Rogers, Carol C. Harter Black Mountain Institute at UNLV—and its flagship magazine, The Believer—present a festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas is an unusual place. It is among the more audacious cities in history yet perched at the edge of severe nature. It is a consummate expression of U.S. ideas, yet a global intersection, as well.

These convergences and tensions make Las Vegas a surprising place for creative discovery—and, for the 2019 Believer Festival—a place to investigate the dire concerns of modern life and, in particular, the concerns of “la frontera,” or the border.

We want to make it clear: la frontera is not a metaphor. It is a very real place, a locus of struggle and violence. What happens when we turn our artful attention to these realities? What happens when we ask how specific struggles lead us to empathize with other urgent human questions?

It is a signature of The Believer Festival to place its stages in distinct, surprising sites and ones that beckon connection among the bodies gathered there. This year, we decided to name our ticketed events after expansive ideas of what we might explore in each place. 

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Schedule is subject to change.

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